ATTENTION! Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts is extended till May 14, 2016.

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in cooperation with Pidstryhach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics of NASU and National University “Lviv Polytechnic” organizes International Conference on Differential Equations Dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of Ya.B. Lopatynsky. The Conference will be held in Lviv, Ukraine from 20 to 24 of September, 2016.

The Conference continues a series of traditional scientific meetings dedicated to outstanding mathematicians who worked at Lviv University. In 1999 the conference of this series was dedicated to the memory of J.P. Schauder who was born in Lviv in 1899 and lived in this city all his life. In 2002 the International Conference on Functional Analysis and Applications was dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Stefan Banach, professor of Lviv University during 1924 -1945 years.

In 2006 the International Conference on Differential Equations was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Ya. B. Lopatynsky. More than 180 mathematicians, in particular, from France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine, participated in the Conference.

The name of Ya.B. Lopatynsky is well known by the mathematicians of the world as a great specialist in the theory of partial differential equations. In his famous work of 1953 he established the condition of well-posedness of general boundary value problems for elliptic systems of partial differential equations known as “Lopatynsky’s condition”.

Ya.B. Lopatynsky worked at Lviv University during 1946-1963. He was the creator of the department of differential equations (1953) at Lviv University. Ya.B. Lopatynsky was a research advisor to many distinguished mathematicians: V.E. Lyantse, V.Ya. Skorobogat’ko, A. Vol’pert, I.V. Skrypnyk and others.

It is supposed that the main topics of the Conference will be the following:

The technical program of the conference will include plenary lectures (40 minute talks) and section lectures (20 minute talks). The official Conference languages are English and Ukrainian.

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Lviv in September 2016.